Episode 4 [Rich Velour 2.0]

Episode 4 [Rich Velour 2.0]

Since I'm stuck in the Windy City, I wanted to bring some warmth with these jewel tones velour jogging suits. Click the link to shop! 


As we all know Y2K is trending and we are all looking to step into a time machine and go back to the good olé' days when Paris Hilton was the IT Girl. When cell phones were flipping and antennas were longer than selfie sticks. 

10 velour tracksuits for Fall/Winter 2020

Out with skinny leg and back in with straight leg and wide leg pants. These are perfect for any city and are great airport outfits when you want to fly in style but still be comfortable. Elastic waistband with adjustable strings gives you the ability to wear fitted at the waist or you can even try out the super low-rise trend and sport your Nice Naughty G-String to showcase just how bad you are! 

130 TrackSuit ideas | tracksuit, juicy couture, fashion
 Vintage TeenVouge / circa. 2004

Happy 2.22.2022 

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