Episode 7 [Holy 2.0]

Episode 7 [Holy 2.0]

I'm sitting here trying to figure out a way, to get y'all to read this post by Friday!

Chance the Rapper + Justin Beiber
Guess I'll take a lesson from Justin Bieber and Chance The Rapper! Do y'all remember when Coloring Book dropped and we were graced with Juke Jam? If you are from Chicago and are in your late 20s then that song touched home... literally. 

Juke Jam

The opening lines about we used to roll at The Rink, seem all too simple. When I saw Kylie Jenner dancing to the song on her Instagram story I was upset because I'm like she knows nothing about The Rink. 

The Rink Owner

The Rink is an actual place on the South Side of Chicago, located at 1122 E 87th St, Chicago, IL 60619. Started by Carmen Clark and Nate Simpson back in 1975. During my adolescent years from 5th - 8th grade me and my friends would go to The Rink on the weekends like it was the club. We did everything but skate, to be honest! 

Chance the Rapper + JB - HOLY
Let's hope into a time machine and go back ten years. But if I had to take one thing it would be the Holy 2.0 set, cause baby that fit would have shut it down. 
Form fitted and the overly distressed look to a new level, of course, I would have had to sneak it out of the house but ya know, we were doing that anyways. 

It's so funny how things seem to come full circle!

Read more about their relationship and their latest single HOLY in the link posted below.


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