Episode 8 [Wild Animal 2.0]

Episode 8 [Wild Animal 2.0]

Happy Pride Month

As an openly bisexual cis-female, I want every member of the LGBTQ community to feel safe in this space. I wanted to take a moment to encourage cis-females of all races, ages, and sexual orientations to join hands with gay and bi-cis-males. We lift the veil on understanding bisexuality and gayness in general.

LGBTQ people behave as smaller subgroups and, in some ways, as smaller secret societies; they do not intersect as many assume. Growing up, the most noticeable difference I recall was the culture's separation by race, as blacks always celebrated separately, drawing attention to separate issues. Acceptance of African American gay and bisexual males is not as widespread as in other races. 

This is a call to action, a cry for unity within our communities. 

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