Episode 9 [Collabing w/ Hotties]

Episode 9 [Collabing w/ Hotties]

It's extremely difficult to run a business on your own with no investors or funding.
So, I'm sorry, but new arrivals are on their way!
In the meantime, I'd like to thank the women who have single-handedly kept my site running despite my limitations and inconsistency.

@DejanaBrazil wearing Brown Sugar Icey Girl Shades 

To my sister who first encouraged me to start the business when I wasn't as prepared as I wanted to be. She pushed me to start where I was and I did. Even with her living 1,381.0 mi away, she remains my primary brand ambassador. Thank you, I love you! 

@_NadiXO_ wearing Wicked Stitch Grey Leggings
To my big sister, who stepped in as Creative Director as well as a lead model during our Nice Naughty Boutique shoot. Embodying the effortless elegance we strive to represent every day. As someone who helped me refine my style, I thank you for all the times you said, "that's what you wearing?!" 

@WynneJean wearing Robe Crop Top in White

Then there's Wynne Jean, our consistent queen! Watch all her YouTube videos to learn how to lay that hair chile... Don't ignore the ads - a few clicks will put money in my girl's pocket. Let me know how many Nice Naughty cameos you spot. Thanks, girl I owe you! 

Remember that community defines you while also assisting you in learning new things and gaining new perspectives. Without a team of women who not only see the vision but also help guide it along the way, I am nothing. I will be eternally grateful to the women who have helped me shape and develop my brand. 


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