Episode 1 [Sheer Shadow]

Episode 1 [Sheer Shadow]

Hello and welcome to all! This is officially my first blog post, so this will be for all the old-fashioned girls who aren't afraid of doing a little reading. While YouTube videos and podcasts are the new wave, I wanted to take a different route. While also exploring my brand identity, I'd consider this a win-win!
I was railroaded into creating Nice Naughty Boutique because I was left unemployed due to COVID-19. As it was my first time receiving government assistance, which is something I've always looked down upon being an African American female growing up in the hoods of Chicago. My mother had always raised me to be independent and prepared for the worst. While there was a wave of small black businesses who I'd admit were able to finesse $20K loans/grants (depending on who you let play with your information) to help jump-start their businesses. I took another route by using my unemployment slowly to fund my business. Starting by purchasing my LLC, I created a logo on Canva and bought a domain for GoDaddy.com for less than $50 for the year. Each month I invested in new things for my business, including inventory, website subscription fees, packaging supplies, catalogs, trade show supplies, etc.

Orignal Nice Naughty Logo

As seen on female rapper Latto in her video "The Biggest", which was released in 2019. Had to show you dolls how to style this luxe look for the low! I've attached some links so you can see the jumpsuit in action and you can purchase similar accessories to complete your look!

The Biggest - Latto

This episode is named Sheer Shadow not only to promote our jumpsuit but to show you another side of yourself if you take risks, believe in your self and most importantly DO THE WORK! I know this jumpsuit will push you to be the sexiest most confident version of yourself. With sheer cut-out panels covering only the most precious area while outlining all your curves. The jumpsuit is ultra-fitted and features a zipper back closing to snug you in tight. A super feminine middle finger hook adds oomph to this one piece. Recommend wearing with no undergarments to see the full design. It's like a filter for the body, try it on and tell me what you think!

Latto The Biggest Video
Sheer Shadow Jumpsuit - $50 

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